4 Project Management Anti-Patterns

Published on Jan 23rd, 2012 by

4 Project Management Anti-Patterns

Anti-patterns are – in a way – lessons in recognizing what approaches to a given situation are ineffective or even counter productive. I look at them as the generic lessons-learned of life that are worth noting down and foremost worth sharing.

Last weekend I gave a presentation at Barcamp VRT 2012 in Brussels, hoping to help out other online project managers and everyone who was interested in hearing me out with some project management anti-pattern expert advice.

I talked about 4 anti-patterns I discovered based on my notes.

  1. Fighting Visual Priority
  2. Black Hole Planning
  3. Quality Cover-up (aka Is That a Triangle in Your Pants?)
  4. Delegation without Authority

Please, check out the slides, I’m curious to see what you think …

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