So You Want to become a Project Manager?

Published on Feb 22nd, 2011 by

So You Want to become a Project Manager?
Are you really really sure? Think about it, here are just a few things that may very well come your way:

  • dealing with project failure, people often forget that this is also part of the job, better be ready when it comes,  the statistics are against you here, it’s only a matter of time
  • people will expect a lot from you, and their expectations will conflict, and it’s up to you to figure out how to handle it
  • you’ll need to take full responsibility, but you’ll only have indirect control
  • losing support from key people and having to find a solution (people leave, become ill, win the lottery …)
  • making extra hours, this will happen, you’ll do it either because you want  to or because you have to
  • starting the week early on Sunday evening to get ahead of the wave
  • situations where your corporate management or your sponsors just lose interest, yep it can be cruel world out there
  • getting way out of your comfort zone, you’re dealing with change on a daily basis
  • dealing with (angry) people

But it’s all worth it!

Now why would you become a project manager?

  • you’ll be learning new things every single day
  • being a key part of making clients happy and making your teams happy
  • sharing the joy of a successful project
  • being in control of the process
  • having the freedom to solve things your way
  • helping people grow together, organising synergy; it is difficult but enormously rewarding
  • seeing pieces fall in the right places and going “I love it when a plan comes together” like Hannibal from the A-Team
  • the pay you get as a PM should be good
  • you can allocate budget for the project completion party =]

If you want to learn about becoming a project manager, the mindset and advice for starting project managers stay tuned. The blog has been silent the past months because of some personal priorities I had to take care of, and now we’re back up and ready to help you become the best project manager you can be.

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That’s way more clever than I was excpetnig. Thanks!

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